From childhood we hear that a college degree is a key to a successful career. It’s time to get rid of all prejudice, as higher education is far not the most important ingredient in making money. It is way more important to possess skills like hard-working, communication, and personal motivation – and then you will be able to master any profession described below, and in this case a college diploma doesn’t play any major role.  


It may sound weird, but this type of activity can bring some good profit in today’s reality. However, having a camera and knowing how to focus is not enough. You will have to practice, choose your own style, go through many theory books, create a portfolio, and search for clients. It is also a good idea to attend the course to learn the basics, hear about the most well-known techniques, and find out the secrets of this mastership. Many people still learn everything alone: the internet is full of information on where to start, what the focus should be, and how to monetize it.   Also, you will need to master photoshop. Generally, a little bit of desire will make the deal. 

Personal driver

If you have a good vision, never late, and feel confident driving – welcome to a world of good money. This job allows getting a high income but also visits new places as bosses often invite personal drivers on long trips. Of course, besides good driving skills, it is important to be stress-resistant, as different situations on the roads and servant attitude may have negative consequences for your nervous system.  


Babysitter or housekeeper

People who love children or do not mind changing someone else’s bed linen can try themselves as a nanny or housekeeper. In the first and second cases, you will have a huge responsibility. Babysitters must be prepared to be fully responsible for the kids, teach them important skills, make sure that they do not do anything stupid. The housekeeper will have to dig in dirty clothes, take out the garbage, clean up where the owner may never have set foot in the house, cooking can be added on top of this.


A good way to get rich if you are high and skinny is to become a model. It does not require much knowledge and a diploma, the main thing is to keep fit and be ready for exhausting castings. Perhaps at the beginning of your career, you will not see the light of spotlights, but with the proper motivation, you will get what you need. By the way, the models are often filmed in movies, so if you step on the path of showbiz, you can end up in Hollywood.

Flight attendant


The flight attendant profession requires special skills, but certainly not a diploma. The main requirements are good organization skills, stress resistance, and languages. It is also important to have a height of 160-175 cm, the clothes size up to 46, good eyesight, and have the ability to make quick decisions in extreme situations. You are unlikely to work for the best airlines in the world at first, but you will make great progress as you gain experience.

Fitness trainer 


Can’t imagine your life without sports, but your parents wanted you to become a doctor/teacher/lawyer? No problem, because you can get good money by working as a personal fitness trainer. Classes in the gym have become very popular recently – and not only among young people but also those over 40. There will be enough specialized courses followed by self-education (reading special literature, classes with a higher-class coach) to start making money on your hobby.

Nail or brow master


A woman will always take care of herself, whether it is a crisis in the country or a salary delay. Therefore, professions related to the beauty industry will be in demand at all times. Today, the beauty industry is the most competitive. To become a specialist in this field, you need to take special courses and tell your friends about the services you offer.



A trader is a person with an analytical set of minds, which helps him to close the deals on the stock exchange by selling and buying shares and currencies. To switch to this form of income, all you need to do is to finish a special course and gather seed capital. Also, it is important to always keep an eye on quotations and conduct a share cost analysis. Также необходимо всегда следить за котировками и проводить анализ стоимости акций. There is always a high risk to lose all your capital in trading, but if you build your activities rationally and from time to time rely on your intuition, it may be a good way of making money.

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