Looking for a dream job with the desired salary and comfortable schedule is a very responsible and challenging process. In the modern world, experience and ability to keep your emotion under control in conflict situations are important elements of any employment. However, to get the job, where according to your opinion, everything is perfect, you have to pass a tough path and the first step is creating a perfect resume.


The ability to present yourself competently is not meant for everyone. Some people have been learning this skill for years, and some are such good talkers that recruiters sometimes find it hard to resist the charm of a future employee. 


We reviewed the experts’ recommendations and learned 10 working tricks that will help you quickly and easily create a professional resume. We want to share them with you.


1. Tell about the results you’ve achieved lately

The most important thing about your resume is the presentation of your best achievements. The beginning of your career will not tell you much about your current level, so it is recommended to focus on recent projects you have worked on. Experience shows that the employer is most interested in the last few years of your work.


If you are a fresh graduate, tell about your educational projects. Have you decided to change your field of activity fundamentally? Describe your previous work briefly. The main thing to remember is that the section with experience must be filled in!

Х Responsibilities:

  • Reports preparation for the tax office 
  • Managing incoming calls 
  • Assistance to manager


  • 12 desk audits of the tax office without violations and fines (if you are the chief accountant).

On average managed from 50 to 80 calls per 6-hour shift. As a result of the client’s feedback, I took the leading position in the service quality department three times (if you apply as a call center operator).

2. Support your soft skills by examples 

Make an accent on a specific professional knowledge, which you possess, certain values you follow while performing your work. Don’t use clichés and do not list general good human qualities. You should position yourself a professional, which certainly has something to tell about his job. Tell how long you have been doing your job, what you are doing the best, and what kind of methodologies and programs are used at work. 

Х Soft skills:

  1. Communicative
  2. Stress resistant
  3. Goal-oriented

Personal qualities 

  1. I have been working in a legal sphere for 6 years and perfectly navigate it. I always check all the facts as carefully as possible, discuss with the client the possible outcome of the case, and together we choose the backup options that would suit him.
  2. Fluent in English, confirmed B2 level by a certificate

3. Don’t forget to provide your samples 

Depending on the area of your activity and the position which you are applying for, it may be useful to include links to your works like publications, websites, photos. Tina Nicolai, a professional career coach and founder of Résumé Writers’ Ink, states: 

‘The candidate should be visible in the text as if the recruiter had already become personally acquainted with him. These days headhunters are busy, they do not have time to conduct long initial interviews by phone to get detailed and specific information.’


4. Properly present your previous job and position

Abbreviations and minimum phrases when telling about your previous place of work and the position you held are not appropriate in your resume. Sometimes even a few words about the company can inspire confidence in your future employer that you are a reliable employee.


Х Company: ‘Abbott’

Position: foreman

✓ Company: ‘Abbott’

(an international company with a focus on improving people’s lives through the development of health products and technologies).

Position: warehouse manager

(supervisor for 20 people).

5. Create an email for business correspondence

When writing a resume, it is better not to use an email address in which the name and surname are different from your real data. It is also unacceptable to provide an email address with a former workplace domain. 

Х sweet.sweet1992@gmail.com


✓ Jeff.jacobs@gmail.com

6. Write only the truth. Don’t lie on your resume.

The worst thing that can happen in a self-representation as a qualified employee is a misinformation. Avoid any inaccuracies about your duties or salary. It is better not to write about anything at all than to give false information.

Х Lie

  1. Supply manager
  2. Salary 3K plus bonuses


– Carried out statistical reporting, predicted the volume of purchases, storage

– Participated in the automation of business processes of the supply department


  1. Supply manager
  2. Salary 1,5K 


– Controlled stock availability and timely replenishment.

– Selected the best suppliers and price offers.

– Conducted negotiations with suppliers.

7. Do not specify the desired level of income in your resume

If you want your employer to pay attention to your candidacy, please indicate on your CV that you are ready to discuss your salary face-to-face. During the interview, when you know the pitfalls of the position (and they will certainly be), it will be easier for you to discuss the terms and conditions of the job, including the salary. If you do otherwise, you risk not being invited to the job interview at all.


Х Desired salary:

From 2K

Desired salary:

A subject to discuss

8. Take care of your social networks profiles

Many employers like to look for loopholes in a candidate’s personality by going through his pages in social networks. Before you send your resume, make sure there is no information on it that could affect your personality and can really slam you.

9. Post only a business photo on your resume

You don’t need to attach a photo to your professional resume where you pose in a bikini on the beach or get tired at a fitness club. The company you are interested in is primarily as a specialist, so the photo must match. Otherwise, the recruiter may have doubts about whether you really understand why you need a particular position.

10. Literacy from A to Z 

Presenting a resume is of particular importance when writing it. According to statistics, people who ignore writing about themselves following language rules are less successful in finding a job. It is better to spend time reworking your resume than to end up disappointed and not getting an interview invitation at all.

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