Welcome to Job Advice Agency

Today we offer to discuss the possibilities of cooperation and the benefits that you will get by contacting us.

Who are we? Job Advice Agency is a recruiting agency that hires employees in the IT field.
How will we be useful? The Job Advice Agency team selects candidates for the customer’s vacancy, taking into account all requirements and wishes. We conduct initial interviews and do not offer candidates who will not suit you.
Who benefits from working with us? We have been cooperating with business owners, directors, team leads and HR specialists for over 5 years.

Why choose us?

  1. Our principles of work are simple and clear. We are reliable partners.
  2. We develop a strategy for the search and selection of personnel individually for the client, from 1 to 5 recruiters can be involved in this.
  3. The first candidates are provided 4-5 days after the start of the selection process.
  4. The term for closing a position is 15-30 days on average.
  5. Work without prepayment.
  6. We use an individual approach to each client: based on the brief, we form a checklist of hard and soft skills to select the ideal candidate.
  7. If the candidate is not satisfied with the trial period, we will find a replacement free of charge.
  8. We specialize in IT search throughout Europe.
  9. We never stop learning and use dozens of paid and free tools to find exactly what you need.
  10. The most important thing is that it is productive and pleasant to work with us.

We are professionals who are trusted for many reasons.

Clients choose us when:

  • want to save $3,000 or more on recruitment processes;
  • want to speed up the process and hire a specialist faster;
  • when the current recruitment is overloaded or has reached a dead end;
  • when you need to find a person in a new location or with a technology stack;
  • want to get the end result (candidates and hiring) and not be involved in operational matters);
  • want to work with experienced professionals.

Confidence in partners is a value that cannot be bought. We are the best reliable partners in the European market. We look forward to collaborating!

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