Why and how to use a resume builder

Getting a few responses to your resume? Do you want to find a job faster? Are you ready to come for an interview right now, but have not yet been called?

On average, a candidate who sent 50 resumes receives feedback from only 3 companies. Some candidates receive less than three feedbacks, others – 6 times more. How do these people get the attention of HR specialists and directors?

The answer is hidden in your resume. A bad resume will show you the wrong side and the recruiter will not correctly assess your merits. Seems, that writing a resume is not an easy task.

How to write a resume to get more responses?

First, pay attention to the recommendations regularly published by companies that professionally hire employees in the IT direction, such as the Job Advice Agency.

Below are a few things to keep in mind on your resume or CV:

  • compile a resume for a specific vacancy, checking the list of requirements for candidates;
  • write about your skills and achievements objectively, this will allow you to stand out from many candidates;
  • do not add unnecessary information to the resume, it will not be read.

It’s no secret that many candidates already use resume builders. The constructor allows you to quickly fill out the template and spend time thinking about the plan.

What is a constructor used for?

There are many reasons to use the CV constructor:

  • send different resumes for different vacancies;
  • plan to get a job in a foreign company;
  • try yourself in different areas of work;
  • want to save time on writing multiple resumes;
  • want to draw attention to your candidacy.

Specialists in different areas of work can get templates for their areas in the online constructor. So, templates with graphs and charts are suitable for marketers, dark template themes are suitable for programmers, and ready-made templates with smileys are available for SMM specialists. Thus, with the help of a template, you can personalize your resume, making it memorable.

IT specialists choose resume constructors

Programmers, DevOps, CA engineers, testers, and cybersecurity professionals are turning to online resume builders as the competition grows, and with it the need to stand out.

Many IT specialists have already chosen the following types of constructors:


The builder already contains hundreds of unique ideas for creating an online resume. You can create an unlimited number of versions. Built-in functionality for creating a cover letter.


There are 8 resume templates to choose from. There are fewer customization options than Canva, but there is the option to post your resume online with a permalink, as well as print directly from your browser.


The main advantage of this builder is that it is completely free. 6 resume options are offered for filling.


The resume created in this builder will be verified by artificial intelligence. You will receive the results of the assessment immediately. Also, on this site, you can watch short video lessons that will help beginners understand all functions.


Here you can change all the parameters of your resume: from the shift to the line width and the gradient of the title. You can download your resume in PDF format for free.

When you choose one of the constructors, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • the possibility of downloading (and in which formats);
  • possibility of personalization;
  • paid or free work in the builder.

Resume builder on a job site

If you have even once used well-known platforms to search for vacancies or post them, you probably paid attention to their built-in resume builders. The candidate indicates only his unique data in the already existing lines of the template. Work.ua and Rabota.ua platforms will not offer you unique template options or personalization options. These websites focus on the speed of communication between the employer and the candidate. But it is not suitable for everyone.

Your direction of work may be so narrow and specific that it will be difficult to fit into the standard form of the job portal. In this case, feel free to use resume builders.

Instead of conclusions

Always follow the basic resume requirements and write honestly. If you want to get a job in an international or foreign company, the resume constructor will be a real find. The builder will allow you to spend up to 20 minutes on creating a resume instead of the hours you could spend in a graphic editor.

Due to the growth of competition in all areas of the IT sphere, there was a need to personalize your resume and make it memorable for recruiters and HR specialists. Make your resume unique with the help of a simple design and get 3 times more interview invitations from the world’s leading companies!

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