The Job Advice team wishes you a Happy New Year!

First of all, we would like to thank AFU for the fact that we can work, write, live in a free and democratic country! We will flourish, and knowing our people, it cannot be otherwise!

Ukraine, our homeland, our country, which for the whole world has become a symbol and synonym of the word FREEDOM. This year proved how strong and indomitable people are – we are about Ukrainian men and women, about Poles, Slovaks, Czechs and dozens of other countries who helped and are helping us, each on their own front.

It was a difficult year for all of us, for most businesses. The team of our agency passed it with dignity, good results, grateful clients and new plans that thanks to our team we can build.

We would like to share what our team has achieved:

✅ This year we hired employees for clients from Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Great Britain and, of course, Ukraine. Some of them, thanks to us, recruited teams in Ukraine and noted the high level of professionalism of our candidates.
✅ More than 70 high-level vacancies were closed, which is less than last year, but considering the market situation, this is a good result.
✅ Despite the transition to a remote format, we do not lose touch with each member of our team and continue to improve their working conditions with us.
✅ Every day we learned something new: from recruiting tools to working in the market in new conditions (without light, Internet, heat).
✅ And most importantly, every person from our team helped the Armed Forces, displaced persons and people in need. Each of our people is a fighter with his own story and, most importantly, a good heart.

Of course, all this is not without a rake, but today we want to believe in the best!

You know what 1 wish for our whole world should be made this year! We will win, we will persevere and become better!

Glory to the Armed Forces! Glory to the invincible Ukrainian people!

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