Remote vs. Office Job

Indeed, all the professions are equally important and no doubts that many people are thinking that way. But the question is whether each occupation should be strictly limited by the workplace and belong to a certain team, or it is possible to break the rules and let the staff work in a comfortable environment, for example, at home?  In the modern world remote work is not a fantasy anymore, but normal life for many specialists. With the emergence of new professions related to internet activities, people do not have to go to offices, factories, and enterprises daily to work and get paid.

In modern business realities both small and big companies are transferring their staff to remote work. According to the global PGI survey, 80% of intellectual workers declared that they work from home, and 60% noted that if they had a chance to leave the office and keep working with the same salary but from home, they would be happy to carry it on. 

Like all the things around us, remote work has its pros and cons. It can take hours to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of remote work, but we decided to point out the most important factors, related to this topic.  


Remote Work Advantages


It makes sense to clarify from the beginning, that ‘remote work’ and freelance are not the same things. Remote work does not always mean freelance. A person may be a staff member, but at the same time to do the job from home. 


Freelancer is a specialist, which is not tied by working relationships with a certain company.  This person completes different projects and gets paid for each of them. 


1. Flexible hours 


An ability to manage a day at its own discretion is the best part of remote work. If the work is not connected to a certain schedule you can do other things and complete your job tasks during the spare hours.  Often specialists have to support a certain business process remotely at a given time (answer the calls, administrate the website). It is not really a flexible schedule, but you are not linked to business hours from 9 am to 6 pm for example. 


2.  Time to live your life 


Remote work also gives an opportunity to combine a few different jobs at the same time, to study or spend time with the family.  This way of making money is relevant especially for moms with babies, or people, who decline generally accepted rules of working schedule. Many students are looking for a remote job. It allows them not only to make some money but also to get a degree simultaneously. 

3. No traffic or public transportation 


Morning, 8:00 – 8:30 am is a disaster time for people, who have to reach the office by public transportation 5 days a week.  You can forget about your nice look and tidy appearance in this mess. No mood, and no desire to work, either. Who would be happy about that? This is exactly the reason why many people prefer to work from home.  You can work in pajama, home slippers, even in your underwear – anyway, nobody is watching you. Additionally, you don’t need to spend the time at traffic jams on your way to the office and back home. It is a good way to save your money and nerves.  

4. No dress code 


We have already mentioned above, that working from home implies performing your tasks in any clothes, even naked. You will have to stick to the business dress code in the office. If you work in the manufacture, you will have to get a special uniform, not to mention workman clothes if you are involved in building construction. In addition, with this scenario, clothes last longer, which means that you don’t have to spend money to refresh your wear. 

5. Flexibility


The remote job allows working at a place of comfort. You can easily stay at your summer house, visiting your family, or sitting on the ocean beach and take care of the business. It doesn’t matter for your boss, where you will be working, the main thing here, that the work should be done on time within the deadline. 

6. All the benefits are in close access


Food, shower, nap at any time during the day is not a problem anymore if you are working remotely. No need to get up earlier to cook breakfast. No lunch boxes and dull mood, because you didn’t have enough sleep again. You can do anything at home, hardy but brief of course.   


Remote Work Disadvantages

1. Lack of communication

Doesn’t matter how beautiful the remote work is, communication remains to be very important for each of us.  Sometimes a team helps to forget about life challenges, get away from your problems. You can have some rest you’re your team at the end of the day, which is impossible when working from home. Additionally, it is easier to discuss important tasks and projects personally, not over the phone or via emails as it also takes more time.  

2. Self-control 

As experience shows many employees refuse to switch to remote work only because of lack of self-organization. Some people have a difficult time concentrating on work, stop being distracted by social networks, or the presence of the family members who feel that since you’re at home, you’re not burdened with anything.

3. Enclosed space

It happens quite often that people who are switching to remote jobs get used to it so bed, that it is getting hard for them to integrate into any crowd. Many people even prefer to make food deliveries to avoid leaving the house another time. Sometimes it can be even a reason for loneliness. 

4. There are ups and downs

If you are a team member working from home, you always have a list of tasks, which you have to complete. Freelancers have a totally different scenario. Let’s say today a person has a few important projects, and in time, it might happen that this person doesn’t have a source of income at all.  Searching for a new customer can take quite long. 

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