How to choose a company for work: a candidate’s checklist

Tired of companies with employee turnover? Do you want to find a company that will appreciate you? Perhaps you are preparing for your first job in your specialty.

During the interview, it is important and necessary to ask questions. They can’t be inconvenient if you are sincerely interested in employment in this particular company. They can and should be asked to an HR specialist or recruiter. For convenience, we will divide them into several blocks.

Questions about the company will help to form an idea about the employer, to understand the level and value of the company as a significant project.
1) How does the company make money? What business model does it use?
2) What is the main mission of the company? How is it implemented?
3) If we are talking about a startup, who is investing in it? At what stage is the project? How long will the investment last?
4) Is there a company development strategy?
5) Have you tested the market and studied the demand for the product?

Questions about the attitude towards employees will help you understand how the company treats its employees. They will also provide you with knowledge about career growth and development opportunities within the company under the guidance of more experienced employees.
1) Do you have a plan for the development of specialists? How do you implement it?
2) Does the promotion system work? What are the criteria for each level of specialists?
3) Is it possible to meet the team?
4) What can you say about the strengths and weaknesses of the team?

Questions about work tasks will form an idea about the real tasks that you will solve every day. And the names of specific persons who make the decision are must-haves.
1) What tasks is the team working on?
2) Who decides to replace the stack or technology when the old ones do not pull?
3) How is the refactoring process set up?
4) What does the team do when production goes down?
5) Is there a release schedule?
6) What types of testing are used in the work?

Questions about interaction with management is one of the most important sections. In all disputable situations, if there are requests from other employees, as well as when taking on an additional load, it is better to know exactly who and how to contact.
1) What will be my first tasks? How will onboarding work?
2) How can I receive feedback?
3) What are the criteria for successful completion of the trial period?
4) What can I learn in the company?
5) What are my duties according to the job description?

Not all interviewers are ready for so many questions, so it is better to warn in advance that you will ask in detail about the company. Remember that you are choosing a place where you will spend almost a third of your time, you should be comfortable there.

What other selection criteria are there?

In addition to questions to which you can get comprehensive answers, you can go to the company’s website and get acquainted with the basic information about it before the interview. It will also help to study social networks, for example, Facebook. Many companies pay attention to this and understand that the information posted on Facebook will be used by candidates, including.

Each new place of work should be regarded as a step towards achieving your goal. If the job you’ve chosen is offering a higher salary but you’re not reaching your goal, keep looking or consider other options.

About the importance of feedback

Feedback from a recruiter after an interview has long been the rule. You can take it as an opportunity to find your weaknesses and get a mini-review from an external specialist.

If you decide to share feedback with an HR specialist about the personal use of the product or the passage of the recruitment process in the company, this will be received with attention and gratitude. This is a very cool marker of the candidate’s level and scrupulousness – not every specialist is ready to spend their time and resources to give high-quality feedback.

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