Engage an agency or look for employees yourself?

When you have decided whether in your case it is worth connecting an IT recruiting agency to the selection of an employee, first of all, answer the question: how long can you not close the vacancy?

On average, it takes about three weeks to close an ordinary IT vacancy. If you have been looking for a specialist for a longer time, it means that you have encountered one of three key IT recruitment problems:

  • The HR department of your company is overloaded with a large number of tasks and there is no time left to close some positions;
  • your recruiters do not have sufficient qualifications in the field of IT recruitment;
  • you have an open rare or highly sought-after IT position.

If the reason you’re taking too long to close is that your HR professionals have too much work to do, you may want to consider expanding your team. In some cases, this solves the problem, but still, we recommend looking towards increasing the staff only if you have a large number of vacancies or you plan to scale the business in the future by attracting new specialists.

For the sake of one or two vacancies, such a solution will be less profitable than working with an IT recruiting company, and here is why:

It is more expensive. Paying a full-time employee often costs more than closing a vacancy with the help of an agency. We guarantee a one-time free replacement of the candidate, and we also work without advance payments.
It’s longer. Looking for a new employee is another open vacancy in your company. The hiring process may take several more weeks (in some cases). In addition, consider that the new employee will need to work at the previous place of work, and be included in the processes of your team, which will lead to a long search for an IT specialist than cooperation with an IT recruiting company.

If you are faced with insufficient competence of your recruiters or you have an open, rare and difficult position – this is the immediate reason to seek help from the Job Advice IT recruiting agency.

We offer to consider in more detail how the process of hiring employees with the help of a recruiting agency takes place, step by step. This will allow you to understand the subtleties and differences between the independent search for candidates and the approach of agencies.

How do recruiting agencies hire candidates?

During the briefing with the client, the agency discusses the company’s needs, the candidate’s necessary qualities and requirements. The briefing is needed to better understand the product and the employer’s competitive advantage for the candidates. Thus, the profile of the most suitable candidate is worked out, the competencies that he must have been identified, and then the job description is prepared.

In the next stage, the agency builds a search strategy:

  • where will we look for candidates;
  • what can be called the position of the potential candidate and the level of his position;
  • what questions will we ask them during the interview;
  • which personal characteristics will we pay attention to.

Only after forming a list of relevant profiles, the agency starts contacting candidates. It is important not only to talk about the job reliably and interestingly so that they agree to continue communication but also to maintain a transparent and trusting relationship with the candidate. The work of the recruiting business is based on mutual honesty. The story about the vacancy should reflect reality and not be a fairy tale.

For the candidate, communication through the agency is a constant control of the process and support.

The employee is hired. What then?

There is a stereotype that agencies are hired to close average vacancies in not the most well-known companies. But it is not so.

First, at the stage of the first acquaintance, agencies communicate the position and level of the company for which they are selecting an employee, even if they cannot directly name the employer’s brand. Otherwise, it is difficult to work through the list of incoming resumes without immediately warning about the company’s qualities.

Secondly, a company without money is unlikely to be able to afford the services of an agency — this is a key point and indicator of the quality of a vacancy. Outsourcing in HR and recruitment is generally quite an expensive process. Most often, it is large companies that turn to agencies, because they are ready to pay for an examination and shorten the period of hiring a relevant specialist.

We take care of the client’s image and its HR brand on the market. Clarity and structure. This is what distinguishes Job Advice Agency in the IT recruiting market. Refined candidate search processes allow you to provide a candidate for consideration already on the 3rd day after receiving an application for a specialist. Our clients confirm that among all agencies, we provide the largest number of relevant candidates in the shortest time, thanks to which all existing clients turn to us again. For each candidate search channel, we have a clear search process and KPIs that allow us to effectively work on the client’s vacancy.

  • We are result oriented. You only pay for the work done.
  • Continuous work on hiring processes allows us to provide candidates even faster.
  • We know all the channels for searching for candidates.
  • We take care of the client’s image and its HR brand on the market.

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