Every boss dreams about the responsible and hardworking staff. However, not a single recruiter can be 100% assured that even the most valuable employees will possibly leave the team as time passes by.  Anything can be blamed for that, but the fact stays fact: the most common reason behind the employees’ leave is not because they are not happy with the job, but because they don’t like their management.

Owners of the majority well-known companies are trying to find a reason why the employees are not satisfied.  They are searching for a reason somewhere else, but don’t take a look at themselves. First of all, it is important to determine what kind of management actions are irritating the good staff most of all. This is what we are going to talk about: 

No desire to raise salaries.

“Keep working, and we’ll talk about the salary increase later” – that’s what most often hear those who stay late, because the project is due, and who comes earlier than the rest because the work should not wait. Leaders need to look at things more widely and understand that the world is very accelerating. Prices are going up, living standards are going up, that’s why reconsidering the wages for employees every 6-9 months is not a whim, but an adequate assessment of their work for the company’s good sake.

No opportunities for career development

Not everyone aspires to grow professionally and to build a career. For many people, career development seems like a nightmare, because it associates with even greater responsibility and burden. Especially if a person does not intend to be a leader. Some people, on the other hand, are disappointed by the lack of opportunities to move up the career ladder. Hence the decrease in motivation and the desire to give a try elsewhere.

Pressure and aggression

Nobody likes to be yelled at and threatened. Surprisingly, there are still cases in leadership practice when staff left their workplace without regret and salary.  Emotional pressure is worse than any torture. A person who is constantly under a moral tension, cannot normally perform their work duties, but also live in general. There is always a fear that a new portion of aggression is about to fall.


None of us want to do a meaningless job. But sometimes, being obsessed with growth, large companies are immersed in regulations, forms, reports, which leads to nothing else but routine. Many employees start working day and night to achieve something that is not clear what, but it takes up a lot of energy and resources that could have been spent on other, more important things for the firm.

The unfriendly environment in the team 

Friendly relationships among the staff is key to the success of each specialist. We all want to go to the place where we are welcomed, and we spend the biggest part of our life in the office. Boss is a team leader. The better positive tone he sets during the day, the more motivated employees are to perform their duties.

The workload is too high

Quite often in companies, the duties of the left staff are split between the rest of the employees. Complaints and dissatisfaction of employees cannot lead to anything good. Except that the boss is keeping promises to hire a new employee instead of the one that left, but time is passing and there are no changes. This is the moment when many people decide to leave without any regret, because they are getting annoyed, but also lose motivation to work.

Staff success and accomplishments go unnoticed

You keep working and working, and no one appreciates it anyway – this is how the main reason to leave the job can be described at the majority of companies. Surprisingly, many people will learn about their importance for the management only after they make the decision to quit the job. But don’t wait for the critical point: regularly encourage your high-valued staff if their job is worth it.

Maximum tasks – minimum authority 

One of the most common entertainments for many bosses is to assign a number of responsibilities to the employee, constantly checking on the results, forgetting to give them the necessary authority. As a result – a person tries to solve various accumulated problems, asks the boss to finally untie the hands, but it is pointless. It certainly may result in demotivation and desire to quit. And who would want to work at the gunpoint, if you can not solve the tasks due to lack of the necessary competencies?


Favorite doesn’t mean professional. Many managers choose their favorite employees, who subsequently make the overall atmosphere in the team toxic. And all because they have special attention from their bosses. As a result, it can lead to the irritation and demotivation of employees, who do not strive to become a boss entourage.

Lack of care and understanding from the management 

Practice shows that many staff quit if they do not have a trusting relationship with management. Smart bosses celebrate the success of workers together with them, helping those who temporarily suffer from difficulties. People do not stay long where the management does not care about their well-being.

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