9 reasons to hire Ukrainian developers for outsourcing in 2022

Hiring a Ukrainian developer is one of the best ideas. Every company tries to hire outsourcers for its projects, because they save the company budget and bring more profit. The outsourcer does not intend to sit still and is constantly improving its technology, offering employers better quality services.

It is often necessary to hire narrow specialists, and the budget is limited. In this case, it makes no sense to hire a whole team. We offer to discuss why Ukrainian programmers are so valuable.

In 2022, Ukraine became the 5th largest outsourcing country. Despite the war, most professionals are in Ukraine and work no less efficiently than at any other time. Programming is popular and affordable here.

Advantages of hiring programmers from Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the most extensive outsourcing markets. As a result, local software developers are equipped with a wide variety of skills. According to preliminary estimates, Ukraine now has more than 300,000 programmers, and their number will increase in the near future.

Reason 1: Convenient locations and time zone

Ukraine is in Eastern Europe. Because of this, Ukrainian software developers have no difficulties in communicating with European clients. The time difference is only 1-2 hours for Italy and France.

Reason 2: Cultural fit

Ukrainian culture and art were influenced by Western Europe, namely Germany, Poland and Austria. Poland has been the best partner for Ukraine for many years. The Ukrainian software developers have a similar culture. The English language is considered the second national language after Ukrainian. Difficulties in the hiring process usually do not arise.

Reason 3: Developers are well educated

These are people who understand mathematics and computers. There are many universities and colleges in Ukraine that provide a higher level of mastery of computer technologies. Practice takes place with the study of additional fields – robotics, process automation, learning new programming languages. Ukrainians start studying at 17 years old. At the age of 30, they have a lot of experience and become industry veterans.

Reason 4: Good technical understanding

A culture of respect for technology and protection of intellectual property is evident among Ukrainian developers. There are many people here who are well versed in electronics. Ukrainian developers are educated and enthusiastic. Their goal is an innovative country.

Reason 5: they know English well

Ukrainian IT culture is focused on Western trends. Many people started learning English on the Internet and playing computer games from an early age. Ukrainian software development companies hire full-time English teachers.

Reason 5: help in preserving the economy of Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine heavily burdens the country’s economy. Most companies are closing down. European companies demonstrate a strong ethical component. They want to help. Even small contracts will help Ukrainian companies to keep their workforce. Show your social responsibility.

Reason 6: they know how to maintain a balance between rest and working time

The Ukrainian context allows you to plan important tasks without taking into account any cultural differences. Most programmers are willing to prioritize interests and choose days off that suit their needs.

Reason 7: ready to learn quickly

Ukrainians devote a lot of time to education. Often have an in-depth study of computing theory and a good understanding of basic IT skills. With knowledge of computer technology and mathematical principles, Ukrainians quickly master key technologies. Your development team will be able to expand the scope of information sources, which will positively affect work.

Reason 8: they have a work culture

Ukrainians value work and the payment they receive for it. Often willing to do extra work if needed. Most developers do some freelance work in addition to their main work and invest in improving their time management.

Reason 9: better value for money

The education of the average developer is at the European and American levels. Programmers are often highly motivated people who want to know everything. The cost of living in Ukraine is low, so they often agree to an interesting project with a small salary, relative to America or France.

Hire software developers from Ukraine

Modern business in Europe and America has a chance to save many lives in the country by offering jobs to Ukrainians. In short, there are good reasons to consider a software developer from Ukraine. We believe that almost every company will benefit from cooperation with specialists from this European country.

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