Python was conceived back in the 1990s and it is a unique combination of four programming languages. It is used by world-leading services like YouTube, Mail, and others. Experienced Python Web Developers efficiently write the most complex codes. This high-level language is used to program all products. Python’s major advantages include enhanced software maintenance, cross-platform, and simplified syntax.


Python developer, as well as back-end developer, is highly rated on the labor market. IT companies offer competitive salaries and benefits packages even for the junior developers on entry positions. Python allows working both remotely and in the office. 


Requirements to Django Python Developer:


  • Python developer creates program software and maintains the technical support, involved in software integration and optimization.  More experienced professionals mentor junior staff to manage services and programs, and also to prepare deployment guides and documentation. During the project implementation, they interact as well with other team members like backend and frontend developer
  • Python developer CV should include the following key points:  
  • Django framework experience;
  • Version Control System;
  • Java, C++;
  • Ability to conduct fast data analysis; 
  • REST, HTML, CSS, AJAX, Canvas, Web Sockets knowledge;
  • HTML Code knowledge and understanding the database management systems; 
  • Advanced English for learning, translation of technical documentation, and easy communication with colleagues and customers. 


Python developer should possess the following soft-skills:


  • Attention to detail; 
  • Hardworking;
  • Ability to work as a team member; 
  • Demonstrate an analytical mind;
  • Be initiative;
  • To be able to delegate the tasks and supervise them. 


How to find a Python Developer in Kyiv?


It is not a big deal to find an entry-level developer, however, it is quite challenging to hire qualified middle or senior developers in Ukraine and almost impossible to find one simply posting the job vacancy.  Demanded professionals always have many attractive job offers from the IT companies. They do not initiate communication with recruiters. Therefore if the task is to hire a highly professional Python, Java developer, or any other qualified specialists to fill in the hot position, reach out to Job Advice Agency. 


Our company will select the candidates, who fully meet the requirements. Among these candidates, you will choose the right fit for you.    

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