Today PHP Developer is a very high demanded profession as PHP turns out to be a very widespread server language for web-applications programming. Since the creation of this language in 1995 the complicity of web projects has grown along with the requirement to programmers.  


It is necessary to gain a lot of knowledge and experience to become a good PHP developer. There are not many decent specialists and for this reason, they are highly valuable on the market. Middle or Senior PHP developers can easily get an offer with a high wage from a big company. With limited knowledge and zero experience, it is possible to get a trainee position in a growing IT company. The same story is with backend and c# developers.


The requirement to PHP developers Kyiv


Looking for a PHP developer? Before hiring one you need to have a clear understanding of what the responsibilities of this specialist are and what kind of knowledge, he should possess.

Such a specialist is doing a pretty difficult job. His responsibilities are website creation, web-applications, and its integration with internal business systems (ERP, 1C payment acceptance, and others). He creates corporate websites, online shops, online education programs, social networks, etc.). A developer is usually working as a team with managers, copywriters, marketers, analysts, SEO-specialists, and so on. The team size depends on the project size. PHP developers should be able to be a team player and have strong leadership skills.


A PHP developer is required:


  • To be able to apply ajax;
  • To use the tools and distribute the workload;
  • To know the software;
  • To be able to use the composer;
  • To have an experience with php7, MySQL, git;
  • To have a deep knowledge of VueJS or React, Angula;
  • To be experienced in popular frameworks;
  • To know English on the pre-intermediate level (for the translation of technical documentation, communication with the customers, and self-development).


How to find a PHP web developer in Ukraine?


It is a simple task to hire a young and inexperienced programmer. But it is very challenging to come by with a PHP developer of a high level. They do not scroll through the job search websites as they always have plenty of offers from the leading companies. The only way to get a hand on a specialist like this is through the recruiting agency, which specializes in staff selection for IT companies. Job Advice Agency offers a wide range of staff with a different knowledge level and sets of skills.


You should indicate all the requirements to a candidate while making an inquiry to Job Advice Agency. We will send you the resume of PHP Developers meeting your criteria. And based on this list you choose those, who fit the best.


PHP developer: widespread frameworks


PHP frameworks created to structure development processes. They speed it up, help easily scale the projects, create structured code, suitable for the replication. The most common frameworks are: 

  • Slim;
  • Symfony;
  • Yii 2 (Yii Framework Developer is very demanded in different IT spheres);
  • PHPixie;
  • CodeIgniter;
  • Laravel.


Laravel is a very popular framework and any developer should know how to work with it.


Looking for PHP Developer, Full Stack Developer, Java Developer, or any other professional? Get in touch with Job Advice Agency and we will choose the candidates based on your requirements. 

Our candidates
CV examples

Senior PHP Developer
Ukraine, Kiev
Senior PHP Developer
Implementation and refactoring both with backend and frontend Design and create widgets for searching and filtering d ata Create strong MySQL queries and data calculation Performing work for simplify User Interface VIEW
Middle PHP_Developer
Ukraine, Kiev
Middle PHP_Developer
Navigation by specialization PHP-developer: support of existing functionality and development of new ones on an internal project, transferring functions from legacy code to Laravel, development and support of B2B systems on Yii2. VIEW
Junior PHP/Node.JS Developer
Ukraine, Kiev Region
Junior PHP/Node.JS Developer
The development a new version of the social network vpotoke,  development and support of CRM systems and online stores, the development of CRM systems and APIs for web and mobile applications. VIEW

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