Today mobile application developers, even those who just begin their careers, are highly valued. The majority of companies release their software and applications for interaction with the clients. 

Apple is not just a giant corporation, this is a world recognized brand, which releases every year new devices over performing all the previous. The major part of smartphones and other devices used by people over the world is produced by this brand. At the moment IOS developer and android developer are highly demanded professions. Such specialists can work both from office and remotely, while true professionals have above-average salaries.


What is IOS Swift Developer doing?


IOS Developer develops, upgrades, and nails of program software for laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices, supporting IOS. He creates products for various gadgets and supports its operations. IOS Swift Developer is responsible for:   


  • Receiving TOR from designers and customers
  • Interface analysis
  • ToR evaluation, finding the solution for the defined tasks, ToR corrections
  • Creating a reliable code
  • Software quality assurance
  • Uploading the released product to App Store
  • Making adjustments to improve the product capabilities
  • Updates creation
  • Developing of any software for IOS operating system


IOS developer creates useful applications and games. The products can be paid, but also free of charge. But every product is released with the only purpose to make money on it. And taking into account IPhones popularity in Ukraine, high qualified specialists bring the company a huge profit.


Requirements to IOS developer Kyiv


Swift is a popular programming language from Apple. Almost in each case trainee or middle mobile application developers should know how to work with this product. But this isn’t the only demand made on such a specialist. Some other requirements are:


  • Working with the networks, parsing the data with JSON
  • Auto Layout, Storyboard, Code Layout
  • Client-Server Networking
  • Knowledge of protocols and delegates
  • Objective-C;
  • Architecture pattern: MVC, MVVM, MVP, VIPER
  • Data Storage, Core Data
  • Knowledge of English for technical documentation translation


Swift developer is valued for such soft skills as an ability to work in a team analytical mind, multitasking, hardworking. The more knowledge and skills such a developer has, the better job offer he will get. Accordingly, the salary of such an employee only grows over time.

Swift developer: How to find one?


It is a challenging task to find a qualified professional. They receive dozens of job offers; therefore, it is almost impossible to hire them through simply published vacancy as it does not even make sense for them to read it. Contact Job Advice Agency to hire experienced IOS, front end developers, or any other qualified specialist. We will shortlist the candidates based on your requirements. And after it, you will be able to hire the candidate you liked the most.

We offer an IOS Developer CV with indicating all his skills, previous job places, and level of knowledge.


Based on this information it will not be a problem to find a perfect fit for a particular position.

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Senior iOS Developer
Senior iOS Developer
Middle Mobile_Developer
Middle Mobile_Developer
Middle iOS developer
Ukraine, Kiev
Middle iOS developer
I develop applications from scratch, or i can help you design an application and an architecture. Have experience of personal sole development and support of the application. Able to interact with all the experts who may be useful for the development of the application. I like developing application of high convenience and quality. I'm glad when there is such an opportunity. VIEW

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