Front End Web Developer

Front End Developer is a highly experienced multifunctional specialist, which is often mixed up with an HTML editor. In reality, we are talking about two different roles. The HTML editor task is to make a layout received from a designer by using HTML+CSS. And the Front End Developer role includes not just layout making. Such a professional should also easily navigate through libraries and frameworks, to be able to create SQL requests, get the hand of GRUNT, LESS and other compilers. As in many other verticals, the Front End Developer path starts from the trainee position, but in one-two years of hard work, it is possible to learn all nuances and move on to the next level.


Front End Developer is actively using CMS templates and editors. It turns out that professionals like that should possess the whole list of skills. But the remuneration should also be correspondent. Often, this kind of job is remote and for example, they can be easily hired as javascript developers to work from the office or from home.


Front End Developer: responsibilities


Front End Developers are responsible for the client service part of the web application. In other words, they work with all the components the end-users will interact with later on. It is their responsibility to determine how everything will function and interact with the hardware and software part that is created and prepared by the back-end developer.

Professionals in this sphere should have a broad set of knowledge. In fact, this is a programmer, designer, and HTML editor in one at the same time, therefore this person has many responsibilities. A Front end Developer should indicate in his/her CV such soft skills as structural thinking, good imagination, analytical mind, ability to work with different volumes of information.


The main requirements


Front End Developer should meet certain requirements. The main ones include mastering the following technologies:


  • CSS Processors
  • DOM
  • JavaScript
  • HTML and CSS
  • ECMAScript 6
  • All popular CMS
  • Debugging tools
  • React.JS, jQuery, Backbone.js and other frameworks
  • Photoshop, Illustrator and other graphics editors
  • GitHub, Git, and other version control systems
  • ECMAScript 6


Typefaces appreciation, SEO-optimization principles, understanding of cross-browser and multi-platform compatibility could be added to the requirements list. Also, an advanced level of English would be an asset for middle and senior levels for technical documentation translation. 


Front End Developer Kyiv, Ukraine is a highly demanding profession, with many open jobs in internet-banking, apps development, e-commerce, etc.

Our candidates
CV examples

Senior Mobile Developer
Ukraine, Kiev
Senior Mobile Developer
I have 7+ years of experience as Android developer VIEW
Senior Front-end / React Developer
Senior Front-end / React Developer
More than 4 years of experience in web development using Front-end/ JS technologies, have strong 2+ years’ experience using Angular2+ frameworks. Open- minded, goal oriented, team player. VIEW
Middle Front End
Ukraine, Dnipro
Middle Front End
I am seeking employment with a company where I can grow professionally and personally as front-end software engineer. VIEW

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