Data Scientist Kyiv is a very promising area. This is not just a trendy word in IT, this is a highly demanded and well paid position. A specialist in this area gets to work with the most valuable product on the market – data. In other words, data science is about data analysis methods and extraction of the information out of it. This is about useful knowledge. The demand for this type of specialist is only growing similar to demand for oracle developers. For this reason, companies are hiring with high wages even people without experience. If managed properly even the analyst trainee will bring a company a good profit.


Why is it difficult to find an IT Data Scientist?


Senior Data Scientist is very uncommon now for a market. Generally, there are mostly junior and trainee candidates. Some candidates even do not realize to the end what data analysts should do. Therefore, their knowledge and skills are not always a good match for an offered job. Part if candidates think that it is enough to complete machine learning classes to become an analyst, other sure, that any Big Data developer is a good fit for such a position. At the same time, candidates believe that it is not even necessary to have a good understanding of algorithms. Naturally, these are misunderstandings, which makes companies looking for an employee to fill in a position for months. 


Data Science Developer in Ukraine: what are the responsibilities?


Despite remote work or onsite in office, the responsibilities of the specialist are the following:

  • Identifying patterns in data
  • Hypotheses research and testing
  • Data pre-processing
  • Data visualization
  • Building predictive models using machine learning algorithms
  • Evaluation of the models’ quality
  • Assisting with system integrations
  • Managing the strategic tasks through the proper ranking
  • These tasks are performed in all kinds of organizations starting from small mining companies and ending up leading Ukrainian IT companies.   
  • Data Scientist CV requirements


A data analyst is a person with an analytical mindset, able to code (mostly Python). This person should have a comprehensive understanding of math, statistics, algorithms, and be fluent in English for further self-development, technical documentation translation, and communication with foreign customers. A degree in engineering would be an asset during the hiring process. Also, the following soft-skills are crucial: demonstrating a commitment to accuracy by consistently delivering high-quality work interpersonal, communication skills, being a team player, and creative thinking.


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Our candidates
CV examples

Senior BigData Architect/Engineer Software
Senior BigData Architect/Engineer Software
Architect/Engineer with 20 years of programming experience, including last 10 years by contracts. Focused on BigData and HighLoad. Adept of R&D activity. Introduced numerous software architecture designs and implementations. VIEW
Middle Machine Learning Engineer
Ukraine, Kiev
Middle Machine Learning Engineer
Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer VIEW
Ukraine, Kiev

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