Android Developer

Android Developer creates, updates and nails software and applications for smartphones and other devices, operating on the Android platform. Creating products for smartphones, tablets, game consoles is a very fascinating and profitable process. Today every growing company creates an application to interact with the clients. For this reason, Android developer is a very popular profession. His main task is to create such a product and support it. Android devices cover around 87% of the market and it is obvious that it will not be hard for Android developers to find a well-paid job.

Such specialists can perfectly work both from home and remotely. Well experienced developers receive above-average salaries.

What is Android Web Developer doing?

Android developer is performing the following tasks:

Interface analysis, briefs, and ToR received from the designers and customers
Defining the solution strategy, making amendments to ToR
Code creation and software testing
Debugging and new testing
Uploading new product to Google Store and other services
Making adjustments
Improving the product and creating updates
Development of any software for the Android operating system.

Android Game Developer is specializing in games for smartphones and consoles. This requires the right tools and game engines. The good and popular game brings its creator a huge profit.
Android Apps Developer develops and creates useful software and applications. Such products can be both paid and free for users. The responsibilities of the developer also include updates releases for applications and games.

Today the Mobile Developer profession is in demand as almost 100% of the population has smartphones and most of the people are using different apps on their gadgets.

Good Android developers should meet the following requirements:

Have experience with Java programing language (preferably an experience developing for Androids on Java)
Knowledge and experience with database systems management
Knowledge of REST API, Kotlin, SDK, GIT
Understanding of general terms and conditions regarding the release and updates of the application on Google Play
High level of English for enhancing soft skills, documentation translation, efficient communication with colleagues and customers

Any Android Developer in Kyiv can send the CV and get a job offer with a high salary in a very short period of time. Among other things, employers are highly valued such skills as an analytical mindset, attentiveness to details, multitasking, time management.

Our candidates
CV examples

Senior Mobile Developer
Ukraine, Kiev
Senior Mobile Developer
I have 7+ years of experience as Android developer VIEW
Middle Mobile_Developer
Middle Mobile_Developer
Junior Android / iOS Developer (Mobile Developer)
Ukraine, Kharkiv
Junior Android / iOS Developer (Mobile Developer)
Specialist of Computer Science, National Aviation University VIEW

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